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Dobler, Gregor (2008) 'From Scotch Whisky to Chinese Sneakers. International commodity flows and trade networks in Oshikango, Namibia.' Africa 78, 3: 410-432.
Keywords: Trade,Namibia,China,Brazil,Pakistan,Migration

Dobler, Gregor (2009): Chinese shops and the formation of a Chinese expatriate community in Namibia. China Quarterly 199, 707-727.
Keywords: Namibia,China,Migration,Trade

Dobler, Gregor (2009) 'Solidarity, Xenophobia and the Regulation of Chinese businesses in Oshikango, Namibia.' In: Chris Alden, Daniel Large, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira (eds.): China Returns to Africa. London: Hurst: 237-255.
Keywords: Namibia,China,Migration,Trade