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Marcelino, P.F. (2011) The new migration paradigm of transitional African spaces. Inclusion, exclusion, liminality and economic competition in transit countries: a case study on the Cape Verde Islands, Saarbruecken, LAP Lambert. Download
Keywords: Cape Verde,West Africa,ECOWAS,Senegal,Upper Guinea,transit migration,mixed migration,immigration policy,inclusion,exclusion,integration

Marcelino, P.F. and Farahi, H. (2011) 'Transitional African Spaces in Comparative Analysis: inclusion, exclusion and informality in Morocco and Cape Verde', in Third World Quarterly, Special Issue: Political Civility in the Middle East, Vol. 32, No. 5, Taylor & Francis, pp 883-904. Download
Keywords: West Africa,North Africa,Sahara,Morocco,Cape Verde,Gibraltar,Tangier,Mindelo,transitional space,mixed migration,transit migration,irregular migration,informality,liminality,inclusion,exclusion,integration

Marcelino, P.F. (2011, forthcoming), 'Processes of arrival, integration, and exclusion: Exploring a new migratory corridor in West Africa'. In Marcelino, P.F. (ed.), Home in Motion: The Shifting Grammars of Self and Stranger, Oxford, InterDisciplinary Press. Download
Keywords: Transit migration,mixed migration,irregular migration,Cape Verde,West Africa,ECOWAS,CEDEAO,integration,exclusion,inclusion,Boavista.